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Lambic by Jean-Xavier Guinard, Brewers Publications.
By far the most complete and really the only book available to the homebrewer on lambic beer brewing. This book describes all aspects including the history of lambic brewing, traditional processes and the breweries that still make this style of beer. It also goes into a fair amount of detail outlining the microbiology of spontaneous fermentation and how to go about making a pure culture lambic-style ale at home. The information in the book is accurate and concise except for a few minor details. For example the assertion that Kloeckera apiculata has proteolytic activity.

Dr. Guinard realized that the recipe section could not possibly do justice to this style of beer. Also he was working within the constraints of what was considered practical for the average homebrewer. Most brewers who have tried to make pure culture lambic-style beer will agree that the times he suggests for fermentation and bottle conditioning are far too short to achieve a product with a character truly similar to the real thing. He suggests that a few weeks of fermentation and a few weeks of bottle conditioning are all that is required to achieve a beer with lambic-like flavor.

But of course those of us who have pursued this type of brewing have found this book to be an invaluable resource and an excellent stepping stone. Using it as a guide we have been able to locate other sources of information and do testing on our own. We have found that the traditional fermentation and aging process is indeed necessary to achieve a truly characterful beer. We have learned an appreciation for the craft of lambic brewing and the fact that it is a dying art. This book is highly recommended to anyone considering making pure culture lambic-style beer. Just keep in mind that you are better off getting the beer started and then forgetting about it for a year or two. Great beer is not something that can be rushed.

Belgian Ale by Pierre Rajotte, Brewers Publications.
This book is a bit sketchy, but still a good buy. Reactions vary, but general consensus seems to be mild disappointment. Coverage of strong ale and specials is better than things like Wits and 'oud Bruins.

Just Brew It: Beer and Brewing V.12, 1992 AHA conference notes, edited by Tracy Loysen, Brewers Publications.
This book has a good article on Lambics & Browns by Michael Matucheski, and an even better one on Lambics by Mike Sharp and Martin Lodahl.

Lambic Belgium's Unique Treasure. Martin Lodahl. Brewing Techniques Vol. 3, No. 4, pg. 34. 1995.

Misc. Brewing

German Wheat Beer by Eric Warner, Brewers Publications.

Malt Extracts: Cause for Caution. Martin Lodahl. Brewing Techniques Vol. 1, No. 2, pg. 26. 1993.

Malt Extract: The Enchanting World of Malt Extract--Make the Most of it. N. Farrell. Zymurgy Vol. 17, No. 5. 1994.

Tasting lambic

By Michael Jackson:
World Guide to Beer.
Pocket Guide to Beer.
Great Beers of Belgium.
The Beer Companion

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