Fritz Ballard's Beermaking Instructions

When my grandfather was a young man he used to make his own beer. After he died my mother found these beermaking instructions in his stuff. The instructions include decoction mashing, fermenting, bottling, and kegging, as well as a list of needed equipment, including directions for fabricating some of the equipment. All on 3.5 pages! There is also another half page that describes the recipe for one particular batch made on November 28, 1931.

Page 1 (66K GIF)
Page 2 (61K GIF)
Page 3 (37K GIF)
Page 4 (10K GIF)
Recipe (23K GIF)
Fritz and me
I hope those scans are readable. Please let me know if they are not.

You may also look at an HTMLized version done by David Taylor.

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