Terrastock 6

Here are some ripped streams from the KFJC broadcast of Terrastock 6, which happened on April 21-23, 2006 (and the party from April 20). Sets are listed in order, see the official site for details. Ripping was done with Ripcast, which means it is all digital, no D/A/D process.

If anyone has the pre-festival show or any of the messed up or missing ones here I'd be most appreciative to get a copy. Email me at jeremy@bergsman.org to discuss how to get them, please don't email them directly to me!

Also, I have joined up with another fan in the capturing and track splitting process. Visit his site if you are having trouble with mine: http://www.rednailmusic.org/t6

Important Notes

In order not to hammer my internet connection, I have limited access to 2 users at a time (but at full speed). If you are having trouble it may simply be that there are already 2 users on (there are about half the time as of 5/2/06).

If you want to use a dedicated ftp client (I like WSFTP), the address is bergsman.homeftp.net and the username and password are both "T6" (without the quotes). In theory the link should supply those to your ftp program (perhaps the browser itself).

I have just moved my computer behind a router so the incoming connection must undergo NAT which may cause problems. Try setting your ftp client to do passive transfers and set the transfer mode to "bin".

Please do not email me asking why it is not working for you. I don't mean to be hard hearted, I just don't know. Many people are making it work and many are having trouble, so it is probably a case of tricky ftp setup due to the router and NAT, but I don't have time to figure out why.

I have also tried to set this up as a bittorrent share. Again, please do not email me if you can't get that to work.

Pre Festival Party

Area C (JaffaDaHutt)
Joe Turner & The Seven Levels (JaffaDaHutt)
Bright (JaffaDaHutt)
Abunai! (JaffaDaHutt)
Acid Mothers Temple (JaffaDaHutt)

Terrastock 6


(128 kbps, ~40-50' and ~35-55 MB each)

Tanakh (RedNail) (Missing the start due to KFJC error)
The Green Pajamas (RedNail)
St Joan (RedNail)
Major Stars
PG Six
Bardo Pond
Sharron Kraus

Cul de Sac
MV & EE with the Bummer Road
Thought Forms (RedNail)
Tom Rapp (Corrected to removed false start May 7, 2006
The Magic Carpathians Project
Phil and Jeffrey interview
Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood
Glenn Jones
Damon & Naomi
Windy & Carl
The Spacious Mind
Kemialliset Ystävät

The Kitchen Cynics (RedNail)
Salamander (RedNail)
Black Forest/Black Sea (RedNail)
Charalambides (RedNail)
Larkin Grimm
Spires That in the Sunset Rise (RedNail)
Bridget St John (RedNail)
Paik (RedNail)
Lightning Bolt (RedNail)
Marissa Nadler (KFJC seems to have missed the beginning)
Jack Rose (with Glenn Jones), starting with some final thoughts by Phil.

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